Saturday, December 18, 2021


STEP ABOARD with Capt. Ben Marler for a fun and memorable "deep sea fishing voyage" to Destin, Florida's past, and find out what it was really like to grow up in a remote paradise when things were nothing as easy as today. Pick up some uncommon fishing methods that still work. And what made daily faith so important? Come along as his "kids and grandkids" for an awesome experience that will enhance your life, no matter your age. Fascinating historical stories, from local Indians' evidence to capturing WWII German submarine spies right offshore, and sharing a meal with the Doolittle Raiders. Never before seen photographs and secret family recipes from the cupboards of Capt. Ben's Mom and Dad. A treasure for Destin.

"BLAST FROM THE PAST" Book Event for "Old Destin Through the Eyes of a Child" coming March 8 at Fishing Museum

(DESTIN) All are Welcome! We are planning a "BLAST FROM THE PAST" Meet the Author Book Event at the Destin History and Fishing Museum on Thursday, March 8, 4 pm! Bring your already purchased books in for signing and have some refreshments while checking out the fascinating exhibits at no charge. Drawings and gifts for kids! The adventures of "Bennie" in "Old Destin Through the eyes of a Child" and brand new release devotional "4 o'clock in the morning In a Sleepy Fishing Village Called Destin," will be available. Capt. Ben and family looks forward to seeing you!


Celebrate Christmas in Old Destin: Give the gift that keeps on giving December 02, 2011 10:55 AM Pam Griffin (THE DESTIN LOG) For Christmas this year, give the gift of Destin. Old Destin, that is. Capt. Ben Marler’s popular book, “Old Destin Through the Eyes of a Child”, gives young and old alike a look at life in early Destin, while helping those less fortunate, not only during the holiday season but also year round. “The book is an excellent read according to those who've read it in all age groups,” Marler, one of Destin’s most memorable captains and evangelists, told The Log. “Everybody that's spoken to me about it has told me so. Some have said they read it straight through, not being able to put it down. It's also a great gift, for the profits are used as a gift. It's a win, win, win proposition. It's a book that I believe many will pass down to family members who care about Destin.” Marler currently has more than 100 cases of canned goods on hand and a limited amount of cash for the upcoming holiday season. “The book hasn't generated enough money for large cash gifts, perhaps one day it can,” he said. “I follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in determining whom to assist. So far I've been successful in reaching them, or I sure hope so.” The book is available at Walgreens next to Target, The Destin History & Fishing Museum, The Ships Chandler, Bayview Campground, The UPS Store and The Magnolia Grill and Mary's Kitchen, both in Fort Walton Beach. Or visit or email “I'm also available for those locally,” Marler told The Log. “The price is a very reasonable $16 plus 96 cent tax. For anyone wanting a large quantity I'll make them a good deal. The profits go to help those in need who live locally or those from here who are desperate.” With more than 100rare or never before seen photos of life in old Destin and stories about a time when life was simple, you will want to spend a day in the past with the founding fathers and the fishermen who made Destin what it is today.// (PHOTO CAPTION: BENNIE'S FIRST WHEELS: “My folks sacrificed a lot to make my Christmas super each year,” Capt. Ben Marler said. “As children, theirs wasn't much on ‘stuff' but very abundant in love. Mine was both.")


(DESTIN) Quick, who do you love? What would be the perfect gift for someone male or female? Wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, cousin, boss, client, grandparent, child, newborn? Even your Sweetheart, with a big box of chocolates. Read it together. Warm their hearts with the nostalgia for the town where they grew up, or have discovered more recently. They will all love the antics of Bennie who gives his candid impressions of a remote paradise in this fully illustrated treasure. For $16, You can give a first printing, signed, collector's item they will appreciate and enjoy. Order yours signed at or on (will not be signed). Also Available at Walgreen's near Target, the Destin History and Fishing Museum, Bayview RV Campground, Ships Chandler, and in Ft. Walton at Magnolia Grill by Brooks Bridge and at Mary's Kitchen in Downtown Station.//

Monday, July 26, 2021

Tenth Anniversary of OLD DESTIN Through the Eyes of a Child, the book

(Destin) Capt. Ben Marler's popular book from the tales of Bennie is reaching its one year anniversary. Father's Day was Yesterday, but so was this book...go back in time and relive Destin the way it was, so wonderful, it couldn't last forever. Get Dad another present, or give it for yourself as a 4th of July gift by ordering in advance from or this website using Paypal. Profits go to feed people. After reading it, you'll be hungry for the next installment. "Whatcha waitin' for? An engraved invitation? Gotta go...I think I hear my mother calling me!" READ THE BOOK YOU'LL HOLD ON TO.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Christmas is Coming! Be a Good Santa and Give Old Destin Through the Eyes of a Child

(Destin)  Old Destin Through the Eyes of a Child by Capt. Ben Marler is just the ticket for a swell Christmas present.  Buy yours at or the Destin History and Fishing Museum or Bayview RV Campground.  $16.00.  Proceeds go to feed the hungry.